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"Montessori Type" treasure bag XXL

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The treasure bag is a bag with objects of different materials, weights and textures for children to experience. In Dedrap we wanted to make this game a very practical system for the daddies: the cloth bag you can take it over and you will always have some objects for the baby to play and learn anywhere, besides being very entertaining.
In this game, the children manipulate elements of nature or their daily environment. These objects, by their variety of shapes, textures, colors and smells stimulate the senses and abilities (motor, cognitive, communicative ...) of babies, which facilitates their development.
This bag is a start so that you can complement it without end of things that babies can find daily in nature or at home: stones, chestnuts, corks, pieces of sponge, shells, combs, boxes, large buttons, brushes, brushes, clothespins, thread spools, etc. The important thing is that they are not commercial toys.

Skills that they obtain with the basket of the treasures:
This game gives the child the opportunity to learn on his own.
They exercise their autonomy and their ability to choose and decide, since nobody tells them what they have to do.
The senses. Their sight, hearing, touch, smell, even taste develop while they freely manipulate those objects. In addition, this game allows them to go internalizing concepts such as volume, capacity, balance, quantity, etc.
Stimulate body coordination and manipulative skills, pressure and release of objects; the digital clamp (pick up small things with the thumb and forefinger); attention and concentration.
They favor socialization, interaction and communication with other babies, as well as creativity, since each child can do with the 'toys' of the treasure bag whatever they want and at their own pace.
It is a very interesting physical activity, but above all mental, since it stimulates learning based on experimenting, exploring and investigating.

Before using the materials offered to the bag, it is important to check the condition of the material. It is recommended to always use it under the supervision of an adult. You can vary the tonalities of the ribbons and the fabrics.

Presented in a personalized cotton bag with the phrase you want and the name of the baby.

It includes:
- Custom cotton fabric bag
- Rattle in the shape of a bunny
- Cup and wooden egg
- Spoon of bambu and silicone (color may change,
depending on manufacturer's stock)
- Mobile colored ribbons
- Wood and cotton biter
- Wood pin
- Wooden spoon "honey"

- Colored sensory bottle
- Giant
Jingle Bell with ribbon
- Wooden rattle

** The colors / shapes of some elements could change depending on the stock, for example, the silicone spoon, the color could change.

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