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Muslin Bamboo PINK LADIES with your name (optional)

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Swaddle 100% cotton with a very light point that allows the air to pass through the tissue. Soft natural fibers allow the baby's body temperature to adjust naturally.
Swaddle can be used as a lullaby, to cover the baby's stroller to protect it from the sun, and to cover mothers and their babies at the time of lactation, etc.
Muslin of Little Unicorn.

Dedrap personalizes the swaddle with the name of your baby, the personalization is in a tone-colored pattern with muslin.

Dimensions: 120 x 120
Composition: 100% Cotton
Washing machine enables to 30 °


Different uses of muslin:

1. As an open sheet.

2. On the floor for tummy time.
3. To shield you and your baby while nursing.
4. Draped over your shoulder, as a burp cloth. No more spit up on clothes because traditional burp cloths are too small.
5. Draped over a stroller to protect your baby form the sun and insects.
6. As a summertime blanket.

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Samarretes, bodis, pitets, regals per a nounat, articles of nursery, segells to mark the roba, decoració i molt més ... tot personalitzat amb the nom of the baby, nen or baby.