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The Boba Wrap elastic scarf is an extra soft and high quality ergonomic baby carrier. It fits perfectly to your body and that of the baby and respects its natural position and its development. Don't worry about the knot! It is very practical and easy to use, since once knotted you can put and take the baby without the need to undo the scarf. It is the most recommended and ideal baby carrier for the carrying of newborns and during the first months of life.

Usage Features:

Baby's age: from 0 to 1 year approx.
Baby weight: <3kg - 10kg.
Positions: we recommend in front, although it allows loading to the hip and back
Use: continued
Time: all year

Technical description:

Size: unique (valid for any carrier)
Materials: 95% cotton and 5% spandex
Dimensions: 5.5m
Manufacturer: Boba Inc.
Machine washable in cold water. Do not tumble dry. We do not recommend using fabric softener.

Complies with the European Carrier Regulations

Complete description:

The elastic scarf is an ergonomic baby carrier that consists of an elastic fabric that fits the body perfectly and distributes the weight evenly between the shoulders, the hip and the back, so it adapts comfortably to any adult. It fits perfectly to the baby's body and respects its natural position. It is easy and practical to use, since once the knot is knotted, we can put on and take off the baby without having to untie it. For all this, the Boba Wrap Classic elastic scarf is the baby carrier that we most recommend for the first months.

    The Boba Wrap is the ideal baby carrier for the carrying of newborns because it allows its use with babies or children until the year.
    Ideal for carrying premature babies. With the soft tissue of Boba Wrap there are never pressure points in the baby and therefore it is used for kangaroo method in hospitals.
    It is extra soft and of great quality.
    The Boba Wrap is very easy to use for all types of dads and moms because you can make a simple base knot (pre-help) and then place the baby in several positions without removing the scarf.
    You can also perform a variety of knotted in front, hip and back position.
    The adjustment of the scarf is completely safe and the position it allows is adequate for the development of the baby.
    Includes instructions for use and bag to store and transport.

Product certified by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

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