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T-shirt short sleeve OWL with your name

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Tags: colours, owl, short sleeve, t-shirt, textures, yellow

T-shirt in a soft 100% cotton. Buttons on the shoulder easy dressing.
An owl with eyes wide open yellow t-shirt accompanies this so special. The name has woven together with the animal.


• IMPORTANT! IRON IRON THE GARMENT INSIDE OUT OR USING A RAG.• THE SHADOW spreadeth them out. The sun damages the colors of the fabrics.
• DO NOT GET INTO THE DRYER. Avoid shrinkage by heat and the fabric is worn by the friction spinning.
• Do not use bleach.
• Always wash in cold water. Both the washer and hand. This not run the risk of shrinkage
• Wash garments inside out. To reduce the friction of the tissues that suffers the garment in the wash.

Dedrap uses the best materials to ensure long durability of tissue bonding, as long as you follow these instructions for washing and ironing:

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Samarretes, bodis, pitets, regals per a nounat, articles of nursery, segells to mark the roba, decoració i molt més ... tot personalitzat amb the nom of the baby, nen or baby.