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Baby carrier Manduca PureCotton SKYBLUE with the name

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Dedrap customizes the best baby carrier on the market with the name of your baby! With 100% cotton fabrics colored in tune with the backpack. For you to be the most original!

New edition 2018 of the Manduca PureCotton backpack, which incorporates a closure with easier opening and a new and ultra-soft 100% organic cotton fabric that leaves no fluff.

Manduca baby carrier is a new ergonomic design that allows take your child with maximum comfort and safety since shortly after his birth to 5 years old. With its original design, the size of the backpack adapts as your child grows, without having to use any type of accessory.

The anatomical shape of your belt makes all the weight rests on the hip, without the back, neck or shoulders of the person wearing the suffering. The baby or child is sitting comfortably in the bag so the backpack, which is very beneficial for the proper development of his back and hip.
The Manduca backpack lets you put the child in front, behind or on the hip, always looking at the person wearing it. It also has a reducing seat, integrated in the backpack itself and intended to lead to very small babies who do not yet hold up well head.
The backpack also features a hidden hood that can be deployed to cover the child's head when he is asleep or to protect it from sun or rain. The hood is adaptable to baby's age.

All materials used in the manufacture of Manduca backpack have been carefully selected. Its exterior is made from organic cotton and hemp for strength, while the interior is 100% cotton. Closures and fasteners are high security and free of contaminants.

Ergonomic Backpack suitable for carrying children from 3.5 kg to 20 kg.
Belt anatomical tapered for a perfect fit, where rests the weight of the child.
• Close to three security points for waist, impossible to accidentally open.
Adjusts to waist / hips from 82 to 144 cm.
Adjustable straps in three different ways.
Fabric padded leg openings for baby.
The fabric of the child's back is not padded for a better fit to your body and breathability.
Reducing the integrated seat for small babies.
Large integrated for older children back.
Integrated Hood for head and neck support, concealable when not needed.
The back support is adjustable in two positions: closed (for young children) measures 32 cm in height, while open (children) reaches 40 cm.
• Outer made ​​from organic cotton and hemp.
Interior cotton 100% free of contaminants.
It has zippers and snaps Duraflex and YKK zippers and nickel-free snaps.
Only weighs 600 g and measures 40 x 20 x 15 cm when folded.

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